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The Tytera TH9000D mobile radios is a single-band solution available in 136-174 MHz, 220-260 MHz, and 400-490 MHz versions.

It has a memory capacity of 200 channels. It is programmed with programming software.

The factory programming software is a proprietary format that does not import or export in any format that its own *.dat files.

However, it is partially programmable with CHIRP, which RepeaterBook supports. CHIRP cannot read the *.dat files. CHIRP indicates that the driver for this radio is experimental. It seems that the work for this particular radio is incomplete. The radio settings cannot be edited with CHIRP.

You may be able to import a file from RepeaterBook using CHIRP, save it to the radio, and then download it to the factory software to complete the set-up process.


To program the radio, you will need the TYT programming cable.

  1. Plug the programming cable into the radio and into the computer.
  2. Turn the radio on.
  3. Use the Device Manager to determine the assigned COM Port.
  4. In CHIRP, select Radio » Download from Radio.
  5. Set the COM Port, Vendor, and Model and click OK.
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