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Vacancy Search

The vacancy search is for the United States and Canada only.

Vacancy Search

The vacancy search is intended to search for potential open repeater pairs in an area based on the current known repeaters and the area's band plan.

Current states and provinces supported are: * Alberta * Georgia * Illinois * Indiana * Kentucky * Louisiana * Mississippi * Missouri * North Carolina * Oregon * South Carolina * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Virginia * West Virginia

To search for an open pair:

Location Enter the nearest city and state/province to your repeater's proposed location. You can use GPS coordinates, but they must be in the decimal format.

State Choose the state (which will select the appropriate band plan and repeater list)

Band The band your repeater will operate on.

The search return the repeater assigned to all the allocated channels within the entire state/province. It is up to you to determine if there is a potential for interference.

If there is no repeater found within the entire state on a particular channel, the channel will be marked as “No Assignments Found.”

Some repeaters are active and are not located on the channel specified by the band plan. Click the “Expand” link to look for all repeaters within 200 km of the proposed location, even over state and provincial lines. It will also look for repeaters that are within 20 MHz (non-standard).

Repeaterbook cannot guarantee that any particular repeater pair is available based on the results from this page. As such, there is no warranty. There may be other factors which provide an incorrect suggestion, including unlisted repeaters. The repeater coordination authority is the ultimate decider on the availability of a particular repeater pair. Repeaterbook simply attempts to provide a starting point for research.

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