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RepeaterBookConnect Beta


RepeaterBookConnect allows the RepeaterBook app to connect to and control certain amateur radio transceivers. Initially, the app is designed to allow the app to transfer repeater channels from the app to the transceiver with the touch of the screen.

The RepeaterBookConnect program is a premium upgrade to the app requiring a fee to enable the functionality in the app.

Supported Radios

  • Kenwood TH-D74
  • Kenwood TH-F7/6A
  • Kenwood TM-D710 (all sub-types)

Kenwood TM D-710

RepeaterBookConnect will control band B. If the radio is not in dual-band mode, RepeaterBookConnect will first set it to dual-band mode and set the control and PTT band to the band B, which is the right side.

Band B must be in the correct Band mode to accept the chosen frequency. If it is not, the command will be ignored. For example, if you wish to set a repeater with a frequency of 146.730 MHz, the B Band must be in the 144 MHz mode.

To select a band, press the F key followed by the pushing down on the right [BAND SEL] (VOL) control knob. Repeat this process until the radio is in the desired band. refer to page 17 in the Kenwood D-710 Instruction Manual.

Limitations RepeaterBookConnect cannot change the frequency band. If you want to transfer a 70-cm repeater, the radio must be configured to the proper band before accepting the transfer.

Kenwood TH-F7/F6A

To use RepeaterBookConnect with the TH-F7/F6A.

RepeaterBookConnect will put the TH-F7/F6A into single-band, VFO mode. It can transfer FM repeater configurations and simplex frequencies to the VFO.

On the F7/F6A Ensure the radio is in PC mode and connected via the standard USB programming cable and OTG adapter to your Android phone.



Kenwood TH-D74

To use the RepeaterBookConnect on the TH-D74.

RepeaterBookConnect will put the TH D-74 in single-band, VFO mode. It can transfer FM repeaters and D-Star simplex nodes only. The radio does not allow adding a D-Star repeater to the VFO. D-Star repeaters must be added to a memory channel or the Repeater List.

On the D74 Ensure the radio is in pairing mode

Select D74 from Settings, Radio, D74



RepeaterBookConnect cannot add a D-Star repeater to the VFO.

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