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RepeaterBook User Guide

Amateur Radio's most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory.

Powered by the popular community database of easily find repeaters across the world.
  • No network connection required.
  • Comprehensive search, selection and sorting.
  • Displays distance, heading and full repeater details.
  • Fast and flexible, to help you use repeaters.
  • Portrait or Landscape views for phone and tablets.
  • Easily submit updates/additions.
Repeater List View
  • Distance, bearing and details of the nearby repeaters.
  • Current Locator/Grid/Lat Long/Town.
  • Easy selection of location title GRID or Lat,Long and in UK WAB etc, just tap on it to change.
  • Portrait or Landscape views for phone and tablets.
Repeater Detail View
  • Distance, bearing and details of the repeater.
  • Portrait or Landscape views for phone and tablets.
  • Submit an update if needed, thanks!
Menu Icon

Version and build
Current location and name
About BlueCAT
Connect BlueCAT
Add repeater via web page
Feedback via Email
Privacy Policy

Settings Menu

  • Light or Dark
List Text Size
  • Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Details Text Size
  • Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge
  • Text (East)
  • Short Text (E)
  • Degrees (90°)
Location titles
  • Grid (IO91VW)
  • Worked All Britain (TL22)
  • Grid Worked All Britain (IO91VW TL22)
  • OS Grid (TL 23266 28071)
  • Lat Long (51.9375 -0.2083)
  • Units (Miles or km)
Radio (BlueCAT)
  • Yaesu FT8x7/FT818, FT100
  • ICOM 7000, 7100, 9100, Generic
Auto Connect (BlueCAT)
  • Connect BlueCAT on startup
App Info
  • Name Version Build
Location Icon

Use Auto or Last searched Location.

Filter Icon

Distance (Max)
  • 10, 25, 50, 100..
Sort by
  • Distance
  • Frequency
  • Band
  • Tone
  • Call
  • Service
  • Bearing
  • Country
  • Location
  • County (USA)
  • 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm, GMRS..
  • FM, DSTAR, Fusion, DMR..
Emergency Nets
  • Select only ARES, RACES..
Display Simplex Nodes
  • Include Simplex Nodes.
Search Icon
  • No internet needed, fast and reliable.
  • Results from your current or searched location.
  • Results generated as you type.
Search By
  • Town (Greater than 5k population) - portland
  • Town State - portland tn
  • USA ZIP Code - 90210
  • Repeater Call - GB7SV
  • Repeater Frequency - 433.325
  • Locator - Enter a 4 or 6 figure locator in search box and press search.
  • Latitude Longitude - Enter Latitude Longitude (Locale specific decimal point) in search box and press search.
  • Wildcard - * for "wildcard matches" *ford matches Bedford, Hertford
Search Results
  • Selecting a town changes your location to show Repeaters near that town.
  • Selecting a repeater displays all the info on the repeater.
Search History
  • 10 search examples are provided.
  • The last 10 searches are saved.
Supported Languages

ca, cs_CZ
en, en_GB, en_US, en_AU, en_IE, en_ZA, en_NZ
es, es_AR, es_CL
fi, fr, fr_CA
nb, no, nl
pl, pt
se, sv, sk

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