RepeaterBook is community-driven, which means we rely on the greater amateur radio community to provide us with information to publish in our directory. There is no "one source" for repeater data available. There are repeater coordination councils scattered throughout the world with varying levels of accuracy. We collect data from these councils (as they allow), repeater owners themselves, and from the repeater users themselves. To curate the data and keep it consistently formatted and relevant throughout the site, we use admins to verify the data. They are also asked to manage their areas and hunt for data. It's a busy job to keep the 40,000 listings in Repeaterbook up-to-date. We do have needs for more admins. Below are links to the needs we currently have:

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Has anyone seen the RT97 Portable Repeater Power Amplifier UHF in action?

Here are some of the specs:
  • Small, compact, dust-proof
  • 10 watts with AC adapter or car cigarette lighter adapter
  • Can be operated flexibly as fixed or mobile
  • Duplex mode on two frequencies allow reception and transmission simultaneously
  • PC Programmable
  • Frequency Range 430-470 MHz, but can be customized for 136-174 MHz

I can't find any reviews where anyone has purchased this repeater. For portable, temporary use, how is the longevity? Does it get hot?

Comments are on below.

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