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-====== Admin Responsibilities ====== 
-If you are thinking about being an admin, the following are reasons to NOT sign up. 
-  * You just want to update your own repeaters 
-  * You have a small list of repeaters you want to update on your own 
-If these are your reasons, you should just add the repeaters through the modules provided or email the list to the admin. 
-Admins must be willing to dedicate considerable time to managing the repeaters in the entire area assigned. Managing the repeaters includes: 
-  * Managing repeater edit requests 
-  * Managing repeater add requests 
-  * Managing repeater reviews and comments 
-  * Researching repeater information from repeater owners, trustees, users, coordination entities, websites, and publications 
-  * Personally verifying the operational status of repeaters 
-  * Be a regular on repeaters and nets in the area 
-  * Take advantage of opportunities to promote the site 
-  * Test various functions available to users in your area, like searches, maps, and exports. 
-  *  
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