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-===== Repeater ID ===== 
-A repeater ID consists of two parts, the [[repeater_id#​State ID|State ID]] and an auto-incremented [[repeater_id#​Repeater ID|Repeater ID]] number. The state ID and the Repeater I are collectively known as the Repeater ID, but the structure is divided into two parts: state ID-Repeater ID. And example is 41-123. 
-==== State ID ==== 
-The state ID can indicate which country a repeater belongs to. In the [[repeater_id#​United States|United States]], [[repeater_id#​Canada,​ and Mexico|Canada and Mexico]]. The state ID also indicates which state or province the code represents. Everywhere else, the state ID represents just the country the repeater resides in. 
-=== United States === 
-Repeaterbook is not using a FIPS code to specify the country of the United States. This is a historical issue as Repeaterbook was initially designed to only display repeaters in the United States. The state ID represents the state [[https://​​wiki/​Federal_Information_Processing_Standard_state_code|FIPS code]], which is a two-digit numeric character. The US is the only country that uses a purely numeric, two-digit state ID. 
-=== Canada and Mexico === 
-Canada and Mexico state IDs include the country designator along with the state or province FIPS code. Their codes are a four-digit alphanumeric character. The first two characters are the country'​s FIPS code (Canada is CA and Mexico is MX). The last two characters are numeric and represent the province (Canada) or state (Mexico) the repeater resides in. 
-  * [[https://​​wiki/​List_of_FIPS_region_codes_(A%E2%80%93C)#​CA:​_Canada|Canada FIPS]] Ex: CA01-123. 
-  * [[https://​​wiki/​List_of_FIPS_region_codes_(M%E2%80%93O)#​MX:​_Mexico|Mexico FIPS]] Ex: MX01-123. 
-=== Rest of the World === 
-All other countries use a two-digit alpha character to represent the country that can be found [[http://​​wiki/​ISO_3166-2|here]]. 
-==== Repeater ID ==== 
-The repeater ID is a database assigned numeric integer. 
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