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Icom Repeater List Generator

Your radio came preloaded with repeaters in the Repeater List. RepeaterBook recommends saving a copy of the list to your PC in the event you would like to restore it. You can also download a current copy from the Icom site here or go to the same source Icom gets there data at

Those two sources will only serve D-Star-capable repeaters. You can store analog repeaters from using the Repeater List Generator.

Supported Radios

This Repeater List has been confirmed to work with the following cloning software:

Supported Searches

Search Page North America Rest of World
Call Sign Operational Operational
Favorite In Development In Development
Feature Operational Operational
Keyword Operational Operational
Location Operational Operational
Multi-County Not Supported
Multi-State Not Supported
Proximity Operational Operational
Quick Operational Operational
Nationwide Not Supported
Special Modes Operational Operational
Travel Operational
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