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 Repeaters listed by RepeaterBook can be tagged as an ARES-affiliated repeater. Repeaters listed by RepeaterBook can be tagged as an ARES-affiliated repeater.
 +The primary difference between ARES and RACES is that ARES is organized by amateur radio operators who make their services available to local governments and RACES is organized by the government itself.
 +By FCC rule, both ARES and [[repeater_races|RACES]] members must be unpaid volunteers while operating on amateur radio frequencies.
 +It is possible, under the War Powers Act, that the amateur radio service could be suspended, even forcing the cessation of amateur radio use by ARES members, but allowing RACES to continue in service. RACES does require an emergency declaration by the government to operate. According to Wikipedia, many ARES members also register as RACES members.
 ===== Related Links ===== ===== Related Links =====
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   * [[|Wikipedia]]   * [[|Wikipedia]]
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