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 +====== Quick Search ======
 +The quick search page is a type of search that is pre-configured. You simply select the search you want from the list of options and the results will quickly be displayed. There are several options.
 +First, you must select a geographic area to search. If searching in North America in the United States (states) or Canada, you can click the state or province on the map. Alternatively,​ for Mexico, and US territories. For other areas of North America not listed, please use the [https://​www.repeaterbook.com/​row_repeaters/​index.php?​state_id=none[Worldwide Quick Search]].
 +If searching the Worldwide database, you can click the name of the country from the map. Countries in green indicate repeater listings exist for that country. Red indicates no data exists. ​
 +===== North America Quick Search =====
 +There are multiple categories from which to search from:
 +  * Band
 +  * Feature
 +  * Linked Systems
 +  * Emergency Service Repeaters
 +  * Recommended by route
 +  * Nearest city/town
 +  * County
 +  * Sections (for California only)
 +  * Recently updated
 +  * Needing re-verification
 +  * Highest travel rated
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