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 +====== Propagation Reports ======
 +Users can provide propagation reports to help users of the repeater understand where the repeater might be usable. Users should understand that the propagation report is not a scientific analysis. Each radio and antenna is different in its capabilities so the reports are somewhat subjective in nature. One user's experience may not apply to another user. That being said, the reports are not totally without value.
 +The propagation reports collect data including the following data:
 +  * Antenna Type: Mobile, HT, Base
 +  * S-Meter reading
 +To add a propagation report, from the repeater'​s details page, select Map Location from the menu. A new window will appear with a map with the repeater'​s location. If there are existing reports, they will be displayed on the map. Click the "Add a Propagation Report"​ link and a new page will open.
 +On the Propagation Report page, the user can click anywhere on the map to select coordinates. The type of antenna connected to the radio is selected along with the S-Meter reading from the radio. ​
 +When a propagation report is added, the operational status of the repeater is automatically set to "​on-air"​ and the user is given credit.
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