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-====== Mapping ====== 
-Mapping a repeater helps provide a visual estimation of where the repeater is located. Because RepeaterBook collects repeater coordinates, we can feed several pages with mapping capabilities the location data for displaying the repeater locations. 
-It is important to note that RepeaterBook does not know the location of all repeaters. While the accuracy of the repeater location can be very helpful for using applications like RadioMobile or other propagation predicting platforms, not all repeater owners want to let users know exactly where the repeater is located. RepeaterBook respects that and may move the coordinates of a repeater to a nearby location (not the exact location) or to the center of the nearest population center as to protect the whereabouts of the repeater. It is not the policy or RepeaterBook to T-Hunt the location of the repeater.  
-If RepeaterBook does not know the coordinates of the repeater, we simply map to the center of the nearest population center. 
-You can determine if RepeaterBook knows the exact coordinates of the repeater by viewing the details page. Under the displayed map, we pop a flag that describes our level of accuracy. 
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