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 | [[travelplus_export|Travel Plus Export File]] (*.tpe) | <color green>Yes</color> | | [[travelplus_export|Travel Plus Export File]] (*.tpe) | <color green>Yes</color> |
-The status of TravelPlus support can be found on the [[travelplus_export|TravelPlus Wiki Page]].+TravelPlus support status can be found on the [[travelplus_export|TravelPlus Wiki Page]]. However, a bug has been discovered in the Kenwood software when split-channel repeaters are imported as simplex.
 ==== Repeater List Import ==== ==== Repeater List Import ====
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   * Repeater List File (*.tsv)   * Repeater List File (*.tsv)
-RepeaterBook has not been able to support the Repeater List File (*.tsv) due to the use of an extinct encoding process used by Kenwood.+The Kenwood TH-D74 can only support D-Star radios in this list. Therefore, all non-D-Star radios are automatically filtered from the export. 
 +The software cannot import repeaters that are crossband. The software will throw an error, and skip the row. 
 +===== Supported Searches ===== 
 +==== Repeater List ==== 
 +^ Search Page      ^ North America    ^ Rest of World       ^ 
 +| Call Sign        | <color orange>In Development</color>| <color orange>In Development</color> 
 +| Favorite         | <color green>Operational</color> | <color orange>In Development</color> 
 +| Feature          | <color green>Operational</color> | <color orange>In Development</color>
 +| Keyword          | <color orange>In Development</color> | <color orange>In Development</color> 
 +| Location         | <color orange>In Development</color>| <color orange>In Development</color>          | 
 +| Multi-County     | <color green>Operational</color> |                     | 
 +| Multi-State      | <color red>Not Supported</color> |                     | 
 +| Proximity        | <color green>Operational</color> | <color orange>In Development</color>
 +| Quick            | <color green>Operational</color> | <color orange>In Development</color>
 +| Nationwide       | <color orange>In Development</color>                       | 
 +| Special Modes    | <color orange>In Development</color> | <color orange>In Development</color>   | 
 +| Travel           | <color orange>In Development</color> |                     | 
 +===== Programming Tips ===== 
 +When using the MCP software, you may just want to append RepeaterBook data and avoid overwriting all your memories with the import file. Here is how to do that: 
 +  - Open one instance of the MCP software and either read from the radio or load a backup file. 
 +  - Download an.HMK from  
 +  - Open a 2nd instance of the MCP software and import the downloaded HMK file. 
 +  - Copy all imported channels from the second instance of the MCP.  
 +  - Paste the data from the second instance of the MCP to the end of the repeater list of the first MCP. 
 +VOILA - all items are now imported with no loss of original channels or settings! 
 +Now you just need to put them in a group and write to the radio. — Ryan Miller (KD9NBG). 
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