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Kenwood MCP-D74 Programming Software

The MCP-D74 is programming software to set up the TH-D74 from your PC.

Software Download

The Kenwood TH-D74 is a 144/220/430MHz Tribander Digital Handheld w/APRS & D-Star.

Importing from RepeaterBook

There are three different ways to import data into the MCP-D74 software. Not all are supported by RepeaterBook exports. The three methods include:

  • Opening a File
  • Memory Channel Import
  • Repeater List Import

Opening a File

Opening a file that can be loaded into the software is accessible from the menu at the top of the application window by selecting File » Open… and can open the following formats:

Format RepeaterBook Support
TH-D74 MCP-D74 File (*.d74) No
MCP Common File (*.hmk) Yes
TM-D710G MCP-6A File (*.mc6) No
TH-D72 MCP-4A File (*.mc4) No
TM-V71/D710/RC-D710 MCP-2A File (*.mc2) No
TH-F6/F7 MCP-F6/F7 File (*.fx) No
TH-2K/4K, TM-271/471 MCP-1A File (*.mcp) No
TM-D700 MCP-D700 File (*.700) No
TH-G71A (K-type) MCP-G71 File (*.71) No
TH-D7 MCP-D7 File (*.d7) No
TH-D7G MCP-D7G Gile (*.d7g) No
TM-G707A (K-type) MCP-G707 File (*.707 No
TM-V7A (K-type) MCP-V7 File (*.V7) No
TS-2000/TS-B2000 MCP-2000 File (*.2k0 No

Memory Channel Import

The Memory Channel import is accessible from the menu at the top of the application window by selecting File » Import… and can import in the following formats:

The status of TravelPlus support can be found on the TravelPlus Wiki Page.

Repeater List Import

The Repeater List import is available when selecting “Repeater List” from the tree view and selecting “Import Repeater Lists from File… at the bottom of the application window and can import in the following format:

  • Repeater List File (*.tsv)

RepeaterBook has not been able to support the Repeater List File (*.tsv) due to the use of an extinct encoding process used by Kenwood.

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