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General Questions

What is the purpose of this Web site?

This Web site is a resource for amateur radio operators all around the world.

The site includes repeater and club information. Other topics of Ham interest include a stolen gear registry and EchoLink status database. Reasonable efforts are made to validate the data, but the quality of the information cannot be guaranteed. We depend on visitors to the site and local admins to gather and verify information.


Do I have to register?

No. You are free to browse this site without registering. However, when you register you will find that you have access to more features and automation, for example, you must register to create export files for programming software and to create print lists.

This is not a commercial Web site. Your information will never be sold or distributed to anyone.

Is there a fee to register?

No. Membership and use are free.

It does cost money to run a site like this. Your help is greatly appreciated. Your donations will help pay for server space, bandwidth, and programming.

Repeater Data

How does Repeaterbook obtain the repeater information on this site?

The information on this site is taken from commonly available resources. The Internet and other HAMs are our best sources.

We do not take information from sources like the ARRL's Repeater Directory. We have found that the information there tends to be stale. We do have many coordination councils that work with us directly and provide up to the minute information.

As the owner or trustee of I repeater, how can I request the information on my repeater be changed, obscured, or removed?

Many Hams that work on the RepeaterBook project are repeater owners themselves, so we understand that owners have varying comfort levels regarding the amount of information that is publicly available about their machines. As a courtesy, we are happy to obscure the micro landmark location, PL tone, GPS coordinates, features, and functions of your repeater.

However, we will not obscure the frequency, city (or nearest city), county, or state the repeater resides in. We will publish the known operational status of the repeater, usage rights, contact e-mail, and Web site of the repeater if it was obtained from publicly available sources.

Occasionally, we receive some demanding and rude requests from repeater owners ordering the site to obscure more information than the site policy permits. The U.S. Constitution safeguards the first amendment right to publish this data on the Internet, along with exact coordinates of repeaters and PL tones, which trumps a repeater's “right” to privacy as a repeater site has no right to privacy. Furthermore, amateur radio repeaters reside on publicly available radio spectrum and no frequency is licensed to any person for exclusive use. The general public, and certainly the amateur radio community, has a right to know that a repeater is operating on a given frequency, even though usage of said repeater by the owner/trustee is prohibited.

Try pleading, begging, or a simple please and we will be more willing to work with you! Requests phrased any other way may be ignored.


Do you need help with the site?

Absolutely. Every aspect of this Website needs your help to be the best. We need site admins in several states to collect and maintain data. We need users to contribute information.

Whether you are an admin or not, please add and/or correct any information you see on the site. It is especially easy to add or edit repeaters.

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