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 +=====D-Star Export from Repeaterbook=====
 +Visitors can export D-Star repeaters to be imported into the Icom [[http://​www.icom.co.jp/​world/​support/​download/​firm/​ID-31A_E_PLUS/​1_00/​|Icom CS-31PLUS]] and the Icom [[https://​www.icom.co.jp/​world/​support/​download/​firm/​ID-5100A_E/​1_00/​|Icom CS-5100]] programming software. The data can be imported as a Group into the Digital Repeater List by following this procedure:
 +  - Visit the [[https://​www.repeaterbook.com/​repeaters/​niche/​index.php?​mode=DStar|Repeaterbook D-Star Section]]
 +  - Use the search tools to create a list of repeaters
 +  - From the menu, select "​Export"​ >> Icom CSV (some European countries may want to select Icom SSV for a semicolon separated file). The file will open into your default editor for CSV files (i.e., Excel, OpenOffice).  ​
 +  - Save the file to your computer and close it (it cannot be open when you import to the software).
 +  - Open the [[http://​www.icom.co.jp/​world/​support/​download/​firm/​ID-31A_E_PLUS/​1_00/​|Icom CS-31PLUS]] or [[https://​www.icom.co.jp/​world/​support/​download/​firm/​ID-5100A_E/​1_00/​|Icom CS-5100]] software
 +  - Using the tree view at the left side of the program, expand the Digital section followed by the Repeater List section.
 +  - Select one of the numbered groups (01 - 30).
 +  - From the menu at the top, select File >> Import >> Group. Using the pop-up window, select your Repeaterbook export file and click Open.
 +  - A dialog box or two will pop-up asking you to hit OK, and then the list will be populated with the repeaters.
 +The Icom software limits to 920 repeaters per group, so the Repeaterbook export limits to that number. If you need to add more repeaters, you will need to perform multiple exports and add them to different groups.
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