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Repeater Record Custodian

If a non-admin is willing to keep a repeater up-to-date on Repeaterbook, this person can be added as a custodian. This person must have permission from the repeater owner to fill this position. If the person's call sign matches that of the repeater or the user indicates that he is otherwise authorized to perform updates on the repeater by a person in charge of the repeater, then they can be added as a custodian. Persons who engage in deception in order to gain access to edit the repeater are subject to permanent banning and may be prosecuted for a computer crime.

Those that would like to take on the custodian function can use the “Claim Repeater” link from the menu on the repeater's details page. You must have a Repeaterbook account and be logged in.

Custodians can currently adjust these settings:

  • Manage DMR talk groups - YouTube
  • Manage operational status
  • Manage web links

Custodians are also notified if any changes are made to the repeater automatically. This also includes notifications regarding the addition of propagation reports. Propagation reports automatically set the repeater to an operational status of “on-air.”

These changes can be completed by using the Submit Update menu item on the Repeater Details page.

Record Lock

When a well-engaged Repeater Record Custodian is involved, the custodian may desire to protect the data from others who might want to make updates. By checking the Repeater Lock box, the link for editing the repeater is removed for any user who is not listed as a custodian or an admin.

The Record Lock checkbox will not be available unless a custodian has been entered.

Custodians will receive an email request to reverify the repeater based on the number of months entered when adding the user as a custodian.

Admin Procedure

To add a custodian, click the Manage custodian(s) link. A pop-up window will appear. Just add the custodian's call sign. The custodian must have a account with a valid email address or the custodian will be rejected. Please ask the custodian to register for a account if this happens.

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