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-====== Daily Change Log ====== 
-==== 2016/03/27 ==== 
-  * Added RT Systems export to the North America keyword search 
-==== 2016/03/05 ==== 
-  * Added the ability to show and hide DMR talkgroups on a DMR repeater on the Details page. Some talkgroup lists are very long and this makes the page more manageable 
-  * GPX offload available for Display_SS for North American repeaters 
-  * Added ability for admins to view the update age for other states in the admin tools. 
-  * Upgraded Google Maps API on mobile pages. 
-  * Added HTML 5 form validation to op status quick edit form on Details page.  
-==== 2016/02/27 ==== 
-  * Added special flags in the PL field for digital only repeaters on the msResult and LocationSearch pages. 
-  * Fixed offset and shift for RT Systems, CHIRP, and G4HFQ exports for ROW repeaters. 
-  * Added a stats page for users. 
-==== 2016/02/25 ==== 
-  * On the Quick Search page for both North America and Worldwide, fixed the "Updated Recently" module to show the correct number of repeater updated for the time period. 
-  * Upgraded Import from RT Systems of Repeaterbook data to v.2, which allows for importing data from anywhere in the world. 
-  * Display Single State repeaters page now displays and indicator for the type of digital mode the repeater is transmitting if not analog. 
-  * Applied same scheme to the print page. Also substituted colored dots indicating the operational status of the repeater with words in case printing with a B & W printer. 
-  * Standard Display SS print page is now PDO compliant. 
-  * Standard Display SS print page is now tone lock compliant. Displays "----" if tone is concealed. 
-==== 2016/02/24 ==== 
-  * Fixed CHIRP, RT Systems, and G4HFQ output from the Location Search for non-North American repeaters 
-  * Halted sending plaintext password via email during registration process 
-==== 2016/02/21 ==== 
-  * Added Missouri and Illinois to the Vacancy Search 
-  * Strengthened PDO query parameters on Vacancy Search 
-==== 2016/02/15 ==== 
-  * Fixed the ability to delete a DMR Network from a repeater (Admins). 
-  * Added Wide area to the database, but have not created GUI to use it, yet. 
-  * Fixed Location Search mapping by county and city. 
-==== 2016/02/07 ==== 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the Feature Search Results page. 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the Proximity Search Results page. 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the Travel Search Results page. 
-  * On the Multi-County Search page, removed all options outside of the US as this is a US-only county search. 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the Multi-County Search Results page. 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the Single State Search Results page. 
-==== 2016/02/06 ====  
-  * Added ability for admins to add a DMR Network to a repeater. The DMR Networks are pre-loaded with talkgroup information for that system. Admins still retain the ability to add custom talkgroups to a repeater. 
-  * Changed the Repeater Details page so that the new Network system can be viewed. Also shows the affiliated system. 
-  * Added a link to the affiliated system name that runs a query again FeatureSearch for all repeaters affiliated with that DMR network. 
-  * Added support for DMR color code display on the multi state query page. 
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