DM-5R Plus v3 / Code Plug v2.0

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19 Apr 2021 23:17 - 20 Apr 2021 00:21 #900 by KI7YNF
DM-5R Plus v3 / Code Plug v2.0 was created by KI7YNF
Just a simple baseline for the DM-5R plus radios.

All FRS, GMRS, MURS, PMR channels in analog and digital.

I have Setup two Private networks in this code plug that will support 20 radios.

Digital channels are setup for ts1 and ts2 using 'Dual Capacity Direct Mode'.

Things to change at some point :
Radio ID in General Setting
--(also edit the radio IDs in the contacts)
64 bit keys in Privacy
add the new 64 bit key in Privacy to the SECURE channels
change the freq in the channels ' SECURE 01 to SECURE 32 ' from 440.000 to whatever you use.


PMR has 16 Digital channels in this code plug.

If you make them digital and use ts1 and ts2 that makes 32 digital channels.

You copy the PMR freq from 1-16 to SECURE 01 - 16 (using ts1) and then do the same for SECURE 17-32 (using ts2).

This gives you 32 digital channels in a private network with encryption.
                                                                           (if legal for you in your world).

-->For training instructional purposes only<--
-->May not be legal for real use in your area<--
-->Always comply with the laws of your land<--
--> I will NOT respond to Legal, FCC, Rules, Law, etc warnings or complaints,
    this is an educational example only<--
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