Has anyone seen the RT97 Portable Repeater Power Amplifier UHF in action?

Here are some of the specs:
  • Small, compact, dust-proof
  • 10 watts with AC adapter or car cigarette lighter adapter
  • Can be operated flexibly as fixed or mobile
  • Duplex mode on two frequencies allow reception and transmission simultaneously
  • PC Programmable
  • Frequency Range 430-470 MHz, but can be customized for 136-174 MHz

I can't find any reviews where anyone has purchased this repeater. For portable, temporary use, how is the longevity? Does it get hot?

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#1 KJ4ZBH 2021-02-27 18:10
i saw a review on utube that was done in england uk. they used it as a portable in a car, each person went 5 miles away from the car 12 miles between them using hand held radio seemed to work very well, do a search on utube for it hope this helps

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