You may already use the Repeaterbook app when you travel and it's a great program for that. As an offline app, it is incredibly fast at displaying repeaters around you regardless of the availability of a cellular or WiFi signal. It works anywhere, anytime. It's a truly indispensable feature when working in true emergency situations or anywhere the Internet is not available.

But the app is limited in its feature-set because it is offline. If you have Internet service and would like to take advantage of a few additional features, you can try Repeaterbook Mobile Web. This site also provides some outstanding features for the traveler!

Repeaterbook Web Mobile can provide you with up-to-the-minute updated information right from the live database. It can also use your smart phone's GPS capability to locate you and display repeaters in your area, just like the app. But it adds a little more data and features not currently available in the app. For example:

  • Mapping
  • Comments & Reviews
  • Off-air repeaters
  • Propagation Reports

Th feature we would like to share with you today is called "Near Me." Here is how you get to it:

First, navigate to on your mobile device and log in with your account. You must have an account to submit data to through Repeaterbook Web Mobile. Once you are logged in, select "Mobile (North America)" from the menu on the left.

From the Search Type Menu, choose "Near Me."

The "Near Me" feature will activate your mobile device's GPS features to acquire your current location. You may receive a prompt to request permission. When you grant it, the page should show your current location. If it is off, simply refresh the page to allow the GPS some more time to zero in on your location.

Enter the search criteria below the map in the form. Once you have entered the radius (as a minimum) and any other parameters you desire such as frequency band, features, and repeater operational status, click Search and you repeater list will appear on the screen:

You can then click on any of the repeaters to view additional details about the repeater. So far, just like the app, huh?

Since the author is an admin, there is an admin button to directly edit the repeater's details. Any admin can do this if they have the right to edit that particular repeater. If not, the button changes to "Report Update", which is the same button given to all logged-in users to submit a request to update the repeater. You will be taken to a separate page where you can submit the update. As soon as an admin processes the update, the data is available instantly on the Web site, including Repeaterbook Mobile Web, and will be used to feed the app on the next update. In appreciation for your efforts, we will give you credit right on the page.

A map of the repeater's location is also available. You can use drag and pinch-zoom to manipulate the map. Notice on the map below there are two red squares? These are propagation reports. On your mobile device, you can click the squares and an info window will appear with the details of the report.

Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to see any credit and a special button:

Notice the Propagation Report button (circled). We want you to click this button often as it helps other users, and the repeater owner, know the approximate propagation of the repeater and that the repeater is actually on the air.

If the repeater is listed as off-air or unknown when you complete a Propagation Report, it will automatically indicate the repeater is "On-Air" instantly (no waiting for an admin to approve it!).

Adding a propagation report is easy, again, using you log on information you previously entered and your device's GPS capability.

Verify that the map shows your current location in the center (if not, refresh the page and give the GPS another opportunity to locate), choose your antenna type, and select your S-Meter reading. Click "Add Report" and you are done.

Please understand that this is very unscientific, but yet real world. Not all antennas and receivers are created equal, we get it, but the information provided is still valuable. The more propagation reports provided by the community, the more we can learn about repeaters to help sysops tune the repeaters and users find the best repeater for the location they are currently at. It also helps to update the current operational status of the repeaters.

So, whenever and wherever you travel, use Repeaterbook Mobile Web to quickly help keep Repeaterbook the most accurate and up-to-date repeater directory in the world.

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