The Nationwide Repeater Seach actually provides two different search types:

  1. Search by Band
  2. Search by Feature

You cannot choose individual states and provinces, you are searching either the entire U.S. and/or Canada. These are scaled down saeches for bands and features that are more niche within the HAM community.

Search by Band

You can search for all repeaters on the following bands only:

  • 10 meter
  • 6 meter
  • 33 cm
  • 23 cm

Search by Feature

You can search for almost all digital voice modes, VOIP, and ATV here. This is the best search for locating these repeaters.

  • ATV
  • D-Star
  • EchoLink
  • IRLP
  • AllStar
  • P25

You can even filter by the specified band and restrict to on-air only.